What will we do?

boundless-logo-stars-onlyTogether we will 
create a refined personal intention for you. Maybe you know what you want, but are unclear on the path OR you need help figuring out the destination. Together we’ll dream big, clarify your goals, work hard, and have fun. I’ll give you skills to develop your curiosity, creativity, and imagination. I’ll ask you to dive in, take risks and imagine what could be.  I’ll remind you how to trust yourself to see clearly, work intuitively, risk everything and move confidently forward. It’s definitely a process—not a single event—an average one on one coaching session starts with a six-month commitment but can vary depending on your specific needs and goals.  You’ll leave each session with work to think about along with follow-up exercises to take concepts further.


What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits are…boundless! When you unlock your imagination through creativity coaching, you unleash your ability to innovate and strengthen your critical thinking, imaginative insights, and fresh ideas—all essential tools in our increasingly complex world! The value of coaching extends far beyond your creativity, as you begin to recognize self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior and move beyond them to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Many of my clients have engaged me as their creativity coach to:

  • Break out of an artistic rut
  • Identify and move past blocks
  • Guide through career changes that allow them to be more successful
  • Guide through figuring out how to use their creativity in the world
  • Transition into a place of personal power and leadership


Am I Ready for a Coach?

I’m glad that you’re asking yourself this critical question because what holds most of us back from creating and innovating isn’t a lack of imagination, but an excess of fear. We all have fear; some fear is healthy and necessary for survival. But when it holds us back from our dreams, from living a boundless life, it turns into a hindrance.

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you have great ideas that never become a reality?
  • Do you long to make or do something, but find excuses not to?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your job, wanting to take a step but feeling afraid you might not succeed if you do?
  • Are you afraid to fail?

If you’re screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!,” then I can help you. Together, we can transform those fears into possibilities, creations, and innovations, and unleash the boundless superstar within! Are you ready to be extraordinary?

Send me an email at Tara@BoundlessCreativityCoach.com to set up your free introductory coaching session.