Who is Tara Broyhill?


I am a creative maker, a curious seeker, a recovering architect, an artist, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a deep feeler, a connector, a communicator, a coach.

I am all these things and so much more.

The labels we give ourselves and the initials behind our names only tell part of the story of who were are. Sometimes though it’s easy to think we are these labels, forgetting that we are more than meets the surface and have the capacity to grow into more. We forget that we are boundless.

I have been traveling along my path learning and growing from each role I play, each label I acquire and each interaction I have. We all are, right? Along my path I have realized that the common thread in what I love about life, the thing that really lights me up is connecting with people through creativity. Curiosity, connection, and creativity are my tools for understanding myself and others and this world we inhabit together.

As a Seattle-based creativity coach, I help people realize their boundless power to use their imagination to create and innovate. I help unpack those labels and see what else is in there and where new discoveries can take you. What other ways can we understand ourselves, each other and this world?

Do you want to create something new and exciting for yourself?  Contact me at Tara@BoundlessCreativityCoach.com and we will set up a free 1-hour coaching session.