My Clients

boundless-logo-stars-onlyWho do I work with? They could work in science, technology, visual arts, teaching, design, etc. The job doesn’t matter. What does matter is having a desire to tap into one’s innate curiosity and creativity, breakthrough barriers and move forward more confidently. I work both one on one and in group settings to help people set goals, exercise their curiosity and creativity muscles and guide clients in becoming leaders of their lives.

Contact me and set up a free 1-hour coaching session. I look forward to getting know you.

boundess-my-clientMy clients and workshop participants

“You asked me questions that turned things on their head and made me experience my own thoughts differently. I had gotten caught in my own story. The biggest thing you did that started and ended the whole experience and made it all work though was that you were always in my corner without judgment or needing to prove anything or work your agenda on me. You let me unfold. You were all in it for me. Most people never get an advocate like that.”  – Jamil Scherif

“25 years of therapy and I didn’t get it until this exercise with you today. It’s a whole new me!” – Barbara

“Thank you Tara! I felt a lot of love and support from you. I felt like a different person when I left you today.”  – Judee

“Working with Tara is fantastic! She is very good at helping you pinpoint strengths and areas of growth. She does this by guiding you in understanding and more clearly articulating fears or creative blocks you are having by nailing down the reasons behind them. Tara then encourages you to explore how and what you can do to overcome any blocks. The process was very organic. I find it encourages you to discover things about yourself maybe you weren’t even aware of. Tara is super fun and smart. Immediately within our first session, I felt like we had been friends for a very long time. I cannot stress enough how important exercises like this are for people who like to collaborate, be industrious, or bounce ideas off of creative people. Tara’s creative and authentic approach to unlocking the best you you can be is elevated by her many friends and acquaintances who are interesting and creative. It’s fun to meet them and find ways that you may be able to collaborate on projects in the future. This will be an experience you will not regret!”  – Nick Carlino